My Innovation Journey (Week 1): Questions on innovation

March 10, 2013


A friend (to whom I pitched a potential business project) once reminded me that "an idea is NOT a business plan." That got me thinking: How ARE ideas transformed from simply 'great ideas' into innovative (and potentially lucrative) solutions? What turns a dreamer into an entrepreneur? What turns dreams into profitable realities?

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“Out of the Universe” is back

February 3, 2013


Now, four years later, I can say that I'm comfortable enough to reclaim and use my own political voice again. My experience in government and with political campaigns so far has only inspired and emboldened me even more to keep fighting and working for change. I've seen good things take shape right before my very eyes, and I've seen this country transform itself from a scandal-ridden nation to the new darling economy of Asia.

Inquirer’s editorial is poorly researched, anti-youth & elitist

February 2, 2013


This is a letter to the editor that I am sending out the Philippine Daily Inquirer regarding their February 2, 2013 editorial. Whether it actually gets published or not, I am making it public to share my personal views on the matter. This is by no means official or mandated by the entities I represent and with whom I work.


July 11, 2009


ATTN: Candidates for 2010 SUBJECT: The elections, technology, and YOU PRIORITY: Urgent ————————————————————————————————————————————————- Dear 2010 Candidate, With less than a year to go before the 2010 elections, we wish to offer some reminders regarding the use of digital technology and social media to win the electorate over in May. 1. Nothing is hidden now. The […]