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Does your office brainstorming meeting look like this?

March 23, 2013


We’re in Week 3 of our Innovation class, and Prof. Owens shares this cool Bud Light commercial about what can happen in office brainstorming meetings. Does YOUR office brainstorming meeting look like this? :D (I’d like to think my meetings don’t!) Advertisements

Scholarships for twenty-something changemakers!

January 11, 2009


Thanks to Seth Godin, I found out about this site, which offers scholarships to twenty-something changemakers with ideas in social innovation. Hooray for Seth! Hooray for Ramit! Hooray for social entrepreneurship! And thank goodness I’m still in my twenties :)

Nines in ’09: Deepening Commitments

January 7, 2009


So I will be giving up the full-time freelance writer's lifestyle not because I'm already tired of writing--I don't think I'll EVER tire of it--but because I've always known that writing was only my gateway to other things, bigger things. And while I have enjoyed my five-year stint working with clients of all shapes and sizes and with magazines that I love, I know that I must now deepen my commitment to change-making and take the plunge.

So, where to now? (A response)

October 31, 2008


I thank my good friend Jamie Bautista for writing this reply and making me think, again. __ The answer is the trend that Bill Gates and Prof. Tommy Lopez are promoting CSR and businesses should take: REAL social entrepreneurship This is when one sees a program by a corporation or organization and they ask, “Is it […]