“Out of the Universe” is back

Posted on February 3, 2013


In 2008, I started the blog Out of the Universe as a way to channel pent-up political energy. The country was coming off a series of high-level government scandals (Remember Jun Lozada and NBN-ZTE?), and at the time I felt that my only recourse as a citizen was to rant and share my sentiments online, attend rallies and good governance meetings, and try to make my voice heard from outside the system.

That all changed when, in 2009, I was invited to be a Senate staffer in a very progressive office. I took the job because, deep inside, I knew that I really wanted to help make change happen from the inside. There’s only so much one can do from the periphery, after all, and I sincerely believed then (as I still do now) that we need good people in government. So in I went, and I focused myself and my words on the job at hand.

Now, four years later, I can say that I’m comfortable enough to reclaim and use my own political voice again. My experience in government and with political campaigns so far has only inspired and emboldened me even more to keep fighting and working for change. I’ve seen good things take shape right before my very eyes, and I’ve seen this country transform itself from a scandal-ridden nation to the new darling economy of Asia.

Four years into government work and I’m still amazed at what people can do when they use political will for good. Four years into government work and I’m still not jaded. As politics takes centerstage again with the mid-term campaign and elections coming up, I’ll use this blog to document my own thoughts and experiences, and share field notes and observations from the campaign trail. Right now I will already make the disclaimer that all thoughts, words, and ideas I share here are mine and mine alone. They are not of my principals’, and this blog has not been officially sanctioned by any of the entities I work with. This space is mine, and I take full responsibility for what I post here.

And, of course, since politics isn’t the only thing defining my happily colorful and multi-faceted life, I’ll be sharing a lot of cool, out-of-the-universe stuff here as well. After all, there’s only so much politics one can take without wanting to rip heads off. :P

Welcome back to Out of the Universe! Feel free to backtrack on old posts and join new discussions. I’d love to hear back from you. :)