“If It Tastes Bad, Spit It Out” — an interesting blog entry in the World Bank Group blogs

Posted on October 2, 2008


I came across a blog entry written by my friend Tony Lambino, about corruption and social norms. While the insights here are related to Africa, it may very well relate to the Philippines since the countries we’re closest to in corruption indices are African nations. ASEAN neighbors Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand even score better than us when it comes to corruption, or perceptions of such.

Here is an excerpt of Tony’s post. (Click on the link for the full article.)

“In both the developed and developing world, I’ve come across people in varying positions of power either hinting or stating in no uncertain terms that I would not receive a government service without ‘greasing the wheel.’  Despite wide disparities between low- and high- income country contexts, these experiences left the same bad taste in my mouth.  But corrupt practices, including bribery, aren’t equal and, in a larger sense, understanding the differences among them puts us in better stead in the global fight against corruption.”

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