Who is Ninoy and Why is a New Generation of Filipinos Standing Up to Be Like Him?

Posted on August 22, 2008


“Heroes in Yellow”

This was taken from the I Am Ninoy Website.

Twenty-five years ago, a man named Ninoy Aquino fought nobly for a cause he believed in. He was a man who believed in heroism, in justice, in freedom, and he committed his life to upholding these values in a manner he thought would be for the greater good.

This man Ninoy lived bravely. And in his conviction and courage, he died a hero.

These days, it seems the word “hero” has become almost generic. It’s a term thrown about loosely in association with matinee idols, professional athletes, musicians, and other media stars, based solely on a recent box office hit or a gold record. And while a great number of these pop culture “heroes” are certainly good men and women of integrity, are they truly what it takes to make positive changes in this world?

The iamninoy movement believes otherwise.

This advocacy puts its core belief in one thing – that it is the youth of today who are empowered and ready to step up and wear the mantle of heroism. Not necessarily through massive acts on a national scale, but through such simple deeds as offering one’s seat on the bus, or by picking up their litter, or by treating their peers with the utmost dignity and respect.

Through a simple credo, iamninoy calls upon today’s youth from all walks of life, free of political affiliation, socio-economic class, or geographic location, to make a change in this world by standing by the same values that Ninoy Aquino lived and died for 25 years ago.

I am a hero.
I do what I believe is right.
I do what I believe is good.
I fight for justice.
I fight for freedom.
I am a hero.
In a big way, in a small way.
In my own way.
I am a hero.
I am Ninoy.

This campaign, through the support of various partners from the media, will speak directly to today’s new generation of advocates through television, radio, print, and outdoor advertising, and call on them to proudly assert themselves as heroes via three simple words: I Am Ninoy.

And with generous support from such retail partners as Bench, Penshoppe, Rudy Project, Analog Soul and Team Manila, this generation of heroes who live by the iamninoy values will have their own distinctive brand of bold, iconic “costumes” to wear as they live out their day-to-day lives heroically and bravely. Proceeds from this iamninoy merchandise will go towards supporting various national foundations who uphold and stand by the same values as this movement.

Who would have thought that being a hero could be a part of Pinoy pop culture? The iamninoy movement believes that this can become a reality. With full optimism and faith in the youth’s ability to step up, it is only a matter of time before being a hero becomes cool and fashionable in ways beyond even Ninoy could have thought possible.

“I am a hero. I Am Ninoy.”

Beginning August 21, 2008, Ninoy’s 25th death anniversary, these are the words that will ignite the torch of heroism in today’s youth – in the way they speak, in the way they dress, in the way they live.

Visit the iamninoy website at www.iamninoy.com for more details on how you can be a hero too.