Paulo Coelho on the Net, blogging, and pirating his own books

Posted on August 13, 2008


Brazilian author Paulo Coelho (photo from

Brazilian author Paulo Coelho (photo from

The Brazilian author Paulo Coelho has enjoyed worldwide success for his books that speak of universal “soul truths” that every life encounters at one point or another. With fame (and possibly fortune) following him around the globe, one would think that he already has an army of global publishers, agents, marketing and PR staff, assistants, and whatever-else-have-you to do the nitty-gritty of reaching out to audiences and making them want more of Coelho’s work in their lives.

But he apparently enjoys doing this kind of work himself (or at least being very hands-on in this regard). Aside from his official Website, Mr. Coelho also has a blog, an e-newsletter, and–get this–a pirate site where torrents of his books are made available to anyone who wishes to access his words. All for FREE. Done under his publishers’ noses. And we’re pretty sure he doesn’t get paid for this.

Why on earth would someone just give his work away for free? Doesn’t he want to cash in on his success?

But being the author and the man that I would have on my “Most Admired People in the Universe” list (if ever I did have such a list), Mr. Coelho evidently believes that there is more to his words and his work than whatever comforts it affords him. For him, writing and creating is a collaborative effort–a dialogue between him and his audience.

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